March 27, 2023

The election held on Monday night to select a new working committee for the 21st general assembly of the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) has decided only 19 members. Out of the total 84 votes, Nemwang got 45 votes and Sherpa got 39 votes. Independent candidate Rajiv Raj Poudyal did not get a single vote. Similarly, Bir Bahadur Khadka of Nemwang panel won the post of senior vice president. He defeated his rival Shikshit Parajuli by four votes. While Bir Bahadur got 44 votes, educated Parajuli got 40 votes. Out of the four vice-presidents, three candidates from the Nemwang panel won and one candidate from the Sherpa panel won. Dawa Lama, Deepak Khatiwada and Virat Jung Shahi were elected from the Nemwang panel while Dirgha Bahadur KC of the Sherpa panel emerged victorious. Upendraman Singh, Ratna Kumar Shrestha and Bijnan Raj Sharma of the Sherpa panel and Sunder Narasimha Joshi of the Nemwang camp were defeated.

Similarly, in the women’s category, one candidate from each panel won. Pema Dolma Lama of Sherpa panel and Sarila Shrestha of Nemwang panel emerged victorious. Bindra Dewan of the Nemwang panel and Bina Shrestha of the Sherpa panel lost the election. According to ANFA, two members will be selected from the special general assembly after the same 39-39 votes of the four open candidates. Yes ANFA’s constitution, FIFA and AFC’s rules are all considered by ANFA to set the date of the election on the suggestion of representatives of FIFA and AFC.

Similarly, Rabindra Chand of Nemwang Palyan won with 46 votes, Anil Malla with 47 votes, Bhojraj Shahi with 44 votes, Purushottam Thapa with 43 votes, Mahendra Chhetri with 44 votes and Vijay Narayan Shrestha with 44 votes. Ramesh Vyanjankar of the Sherpa panel won with 43 votes, Bharat Budhathapa with 40 votes, Tika Lama with 41 votes, Maniraj Bista with 42 votes and Manish Joshi with 48 votes. In this election, 84 people got the right to vote. In the election, out of 45 districts, 42 districts, 14 ‘A’ division clubs, 11 ‘B’ division clubs and nine ‘C’ division clubs, along with four clubs from Mofasal, women’s association under ANFA, sports association. , The coaches ‘association and the referees’ association had the right to vote.

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