March 27, 2023

A team of businessmen from Parsa has reached Kathmandu and met Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Pampha Bhusal. The team has also met Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority Kulman Ghising. During the meeting, Dr. Gupta said that there was a problem in power supply in the country due to lack of power generation and effective distribution system. He said that there was a negative impact on production.

The power distribution system of Bara-Parsa Industrial Corridor is about 20-25 years old and compared to that time, demand for electricity has increased, new industries have been established, domestic electricity consumption rate has increased, NEA’s policy of increasing electricity consumption has been increased with induction stoves and electric vehicles. Despite the increase in consumption, the team had informed the industrialists that quality power supply could not be provided due to low capacity of supply line, lack of transformers, lack of skilled manpower and managerial weakness.

Similarly, the team has suggested to manage the slope at the roots when laying cement poles for power lines in the Terai region. On the occasion, Minister Bhusal said that he was serious about the tripping in power supply for the past few days and the problems in regular supply. He said that the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has been instructed to supply regular electricity to solve the problem of quality tripping in industrial feeders.

Ghising, executive director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), informed the team that NEA’s projects could not move forward at a fast pace as NEA was operating from internal resources and could not get adequate budget from the government. Vice Presidents Hari Gautam and Madhav Rajpal, General Secretary Manoj Kumar Das, Secretary Ashish Lath and Co-Treasurer Prem Chandra Goyal were present during the meeting.

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