March 27, 2023

The locals have to suffer this year as well due to the delay in the construction of Kirankhola Bridge on Pasarpur-Gaughat Road in Banke. The agreement was signed on December 6. The entire pillar of the bridge has not been constructed till a few days before the end of the agreement. Local leader Gehendra Dhital, a resident of Khajura Gaonpalika-2, said that the people have to suffer a lot due to lack of bridges during the rainy season.

He informed that the construction company has not started the construction work even after the completion of the construction period. According to Dhaniram Oli, spokesperson of Khajura village municipality and ward chairman of ward no.

According to him, the representatives of the construction company have been out of touch for the last time despite promising to complete the work on time till a few months ago. Even the workers have not been paid. The people have been constructing temporary wooden bridges on the river to make the traffic dangerous. Vehicle traffic has come to a standstill in the rainy season due to lack of construction of bridges.

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