June 5, 2023

The local level of Mugu has started removing contract teachers and staff. Soru Municipality and Chhayanath Rara Municipality are about to remove contract employees and teachers. It has been decided not to extend the contract period of contract employees and teachers from July 20, said Soru Municipality Spokesperson Kul Chandra Jaisi. He said that he was informed not to come. Keshar Bahadur Shahi, vice-chairman of the village municipality, said that it has been decided not to extend the contract period of those appointed after July 12 last year.

According to the village municipality, the staff has been recruited without ensuring resources and Rs. 2.7 million is not enough to pay them. A task force has been formed to manage other contract employees and teachers already working in the municipality. According to Bishnu Kumar Bham of Chhayanath Municipality, the school has been alerted as the municipality has not decided how to proceed with the contract teachers in the coming fiscal year.

The Education Branch of Soru Municipality has issued a notice urging all schools to be aware of the jurisdiction of the municipality to extend the term of contract teachers working in schools within the municipal area.

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