March 27, 2023

Due to the lengthy bidding process, the government has stated that there is a problem in providing fertilizer at the time sought by the farmers. In today’s meeting of the House of Representatives, Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development Mahindra Rai Yadav said that the issue of chemical fertilizer is a common problem of the country and meaningful initiative is needed to solve it. . He said that special initiative should be taken at the government level (GTG) for the easy import of chemical fertilizers and the government is working for that. He said that there is an alternative. The Investment Board said that discussions are underway regarding the establishment of chemical fertilizer factory and urged to draw appropriate conclusions.

Minister Yadav requested the Government of India to provide 500,000 metric tons of manure through GTG. He said that the manure is being imported as per the agreement to provide 150,000 metric tons of manure in the current fiscal year. There is a saying. Minister Yadav pointed out the fact that chemical fertilizers were not readily available due to the increase in fuel prices in the world market. Yadav informed the House that liquid nitrogen is being used as an alternative in India and 500,000 liters have already been made available in Nepal and the remaining 4.5 million liters are on the way.

Although the government has written to India, China, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan to provide chemical fertilizers, no information has been received, said Minister Yadav. Gave. Minister Yadav said that Nepal has been hit by the recent rise in the price of manure in the world market due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. We need everyone’s help in providing chemical fertilizer throughout this month. He said that out of the total 23,000 metric tonnes of chemical fertilizers imported from China, 7,000 metric tonnes have already been imported but discussions are underway on the process by which to deal with it.

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