June 5, 2023

Senior citizens have been suffering a lot to understand the social security allowance being given by the government. As there is no bank nearby in the remote area of ​​Baitadi, it has become difficult for senior citizens and people with different abilities to get social security allowance. Citizens of Sigas village have complained that it takes up to three days to get the allowance. The village municipality has been distributing social security from the Agriculture Development Bank branch in Ward No. 2, Ganjari. “It takes three days to work,” said Kale Luhar of Sigas Village Municipality-6, Thalakada.

Residents of SIGAS-5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 have a problem when the bank is far away. There is a problem in getting social security allowance in all parts of the district. Chief of the Ganjari-based Agriculture Development Bank Sher Singh Saud said that they have to work on solar power due to lack of electricity. “There is no electricity,” he said. You have to work on solar. When the sun is not shining, the problem is exacerbated when solar does not work. The internet service is not fast either. As the senior citizens and persons with disabilities are suffering from social security allowance, there is a demand from the service recipients that the allowance should be distributed in the village through the ward office in coordination with the bank. Harisingh Dhami, chairman of Sigas village municipality, said that an initiative is being taken to provide social security allowance in the village by making a decision as per the demand of the service recipients.

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