March 27, 2023

Nepali cricket team captain Sandeep Lamichhane has said that he did not perform well during the ICC World Cup League-2 triangular ODI series tour of the United States. After Nepal lost to USA by 13 runs on Thursday morning, Sandeep gave that reaction. I don’t think we should lose a game the way we did. In the first match, Oman or USA had a tie of 274 runs.

We have to make small mistakes, “said Sandeep after the loss to the United States. He added, “We were in a position to win all four games in the United States. We have to improve a lot to come close to winning and losing.

‘Even though Nepal has made a good start, the opposition batsmen have been sharing a lot. Aaron Jones and Sushant Modani shared 88 runs for the third wicket. Sandeep says he didn’t miss much. “We haven’t missed much. The opposition also loses wickets at a time.

The next batter does not take much risk. That’s why we can’t use everything at once when sharing small things. Whether it’s offensive or defensive, ‘said Sandeep. Sandeep explains why the team is young. “I think it’s a very young team. Most of us have little experience.

I am also new as a captain. Much remains to be learned. Everyone needs to improve a lot. ” I could have done better in bowling too. I did not do as well as I had hoped in this competition. There will be challenges in the upcoming game.

How do you prepare Everyone has done well. I have played so many games. I also did not perform as expected in these four games. That did not bode well for the team. I will improve in the coming days too ‘, Sandeep said about his performance.

It is estimated that Sandeep did not perform well due to captaincy pressure. But Sandeep says that is not the case. “The captaincy is not under pressure. It makes sense if the offensive player gets even a little help from the other end.

From the other end, it has not happened as expected. Sometimes it doesn’t even happen on my own, “said Sandeep.” I used to come to regular bowling. Because of that I have to bowl in a small area. Sometimes I have to defend one or two overs from start to finish.

I have to look for the team more than my performance. Sometimes taking four wickets for 40 runs is not profitable. Sometimes taking one or two wickets for 40 runs is also beneficial.

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