March 27, 2023

The Lumbini state government has given priority to the management of the state capital as a project of pride in the budget presented in the state assembly on Wednesday for the fiscal year 2079-80. For the management, Rs. 75 million has been allocated for the development and management of the Rapti Technical School in Deukhuri of Dang as a model school and construction of physical infrastructure of Saraswati Secondary School. The budget has been allocated to bring. Minister for Economic Affairs and Cooperatives Krishna Dhwaj Khadka presented the budget in the state assembly on Wednesday.

Similarly, Lumbini Technical University, Lumbini Provincial Hospital in Butwal and the road from Rampur in Palpa to Patihalna (Jinawang) in Rolpa will be promoted as projects of provincial pride. Minister for Economic Affairs and Cooperatives Khadka informed that Rs. 1.69 billion has been allocated for these projects of state pride. Arrangements have been made to ensure that there is no shortage of resources for the implementation of the project along with the allocated budget. Arrangement has also been made to sign a performance agreement between the project head and the secretary of the concerned ministry to be assigned by the government for the implementation of the project.

Similarly, it has been mentioned that the provincial plan monitoring electronic system will be developed and implemented to manage the monitoring of projects including provincial pride projects, provincial transformation projects and multi-year projects. It is mentioned in the budget that the policy of giving priority to production will be adopted. Similarly, Rs. A budget of Rs. 42.63 billion has been presented for the Fiscal Year 2079/80. Under the said budget, 31.26 percent of the total budget or Rs. 24 billion 477 million 48 thousand Is assumed. In the budget, Rs. 4.83 billion has been allocated for local level financial transfer through financial equalization grant, supplementary grant, conditional grant and special grant, keeping the share of financial transfer in the total budget as 11.33 percent.

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