March 27, 2023

Krishna Chhetri (captain), Virat Shrestha (vice-captain), Shri Ram Shrestha, Prem Koirala, Vikram Puri and Vikram Bharti, Suraj Chaudhary, Sher Bahadur Wali, Roshan Gharti, Niroj Karki, Navin Maharjan, Vivesh Basu, Sanjeev Kunwar, Ramit Bahadur Mal, Yadu Adhikari, Amar Singh Shrestha, Suman Chaulagain, Pujan Fewali, Jukendra Rai, Ram Kishore Chaudhary, Sujan Kumal and Hutraj Pradhan. Tankaraj Giri is the coach, Gopal Chhetri is the manager and Laxman Adhikari is the physio. Although Nepal has been competing internationally in the Seven for seven years, it is about to compete in the Fifteen for the first time. Nepal will play two matches of Seven A and one game of Fifteen A side at the Army Stadium in Dhaka against Bangladesh.

Wishing success to the team, Member-Secretary of National Sports Council Tankalal Ghising, Acting President of Nepal Rugby Association Deepak Devkota, General Secretary Chetan Raj Giri, Secretary Govind Ghimire and others bade farewell at a function on Friday. Congratulations and best wishes for success. Member Secretary Ghising expressed his commitment to help Rakhep to hold an international rugby series in Nepal. On the same occasion, the association has signed a two-year agreement with the national team’s jersey sponsor Fitwell Sportswear Company.

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