March 27, 2023

The Birtamod Municipality, the main business center of Jhapa, has formulated a five-year periodical plan. Mayor Pavitra Mahatra Prasai informed that a five-year periodical plan has been formulated covering various aspects including business. To encourage the private sector by creating conducive environment for the establishment of medical colleges, to encourage the establishment of hospitals with services like cancer, kidney, eye, spinal cord injury, brain, gastro And specialist doctors for SOCA Tako plans to operate an ambulance service.

Similarly, there is a plan to provide access to health care to the economically backward communities and to build a health society by integrating the concept of multi-sectoral nutrition with all citizens. The goal is to provide technical education up to post-graduate level, with all children attending basic secondary school. The city plans to become self-sufficient in fish, meat, eggs and vegetables while developing and increasing production.

The aim is to upgrade the roads within five years by constructing roads with utility corridors, constructing traffic lights at intersections including drain utility corridors in the newly constructed roads, construction of sky bridges, underground subways and laying of 125 kilometers of roads with blacktop and pavers. The municipality has put forward ambitious plans including construction of additional culvert bridges, providing electricity service to all households, construction of urban development master plan with surface drainage, construction of well-equipped building with parking lot at Budhabare Bazaar in the name of the municipality.

Nagendra Sangraula, deputy chief of the municipality, said that the city has an upcoming plan to develop the southern part of Gokul Joshi Marg as an industrial area, create appropriate legal framework for setting up new industries, reduce industrial pollution and make it environment friendly. The city plans to develop Shakti Peeth in the city area as a religious and tourist area. Similarly, the municipality will build a state-of-the-art city hospital with 25 beds as a project of city pride, connecting Birtamod ward no.

Construction of roads, construction of state-of-the-art shopping complex at Budhabare Bazaar, construction of Domalal Rajbanshi Stadium with a capacity of 5,000 spectators, expansion of clean drinking water through pipeline in all wards and tolls of the city Construction of river corridors along the banks, construction of smart city service center buildings for digital service delivery, construction of multi-purpose agriculture and community buildings at Birtabazar and all There is a plan to build a city ring road touching the river.

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