March 27, 2023

Arrangement has been made to monitor the vehicle trial center from the Transportation Management Office. The Transportation Management Office, Bagmati Lalitpur has made arrangements to monitor the driver examination of the driver’s license in Ekantakuna through CCTV from the office. He informed that arrangements have been made to monitor the trial center from the office. “Earlier, there was an arrangement of monitoring only from the trial center. Now, we have made an arrangement to monitor from the office. The office, which has been registering, renewing and collecting revenue of driving licenses, has been crowded daily.

While distributing the driving license, the office has been issuing citizenship, photo and ticket. According to the office, the tradition of tampering with the results has come to an end with the distribution of driving licenses through CCTV connection, citizenship, photo and admission card. The head of the office, Regmi, said that the number of staff in the congested transport office was less than the number of service recipients. The office currently has 34 permanent employees and 11 contract employees. Similarly, there are 18 office assistants. Chief of the office, Regmi, said that there were problems in the work as 10 of the permanent employees were not in the office. According to the office, there were problems at work due to damaged records in the past.

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