March 27, 2023

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Bung and Octopus waterfalls of Lamjung are waiting for tourists. Both these waterfalls in Marsyangdi Gaonpalika-4, Chamche, located on the world-famous Annapurna Cycle Trail, have become deserted due to lack of tourists. Is deserted. “The number of tourists visiting the waterfall has come down due to the decrease in the number of pedestrians,” said village chairman Arjun Gurung. He said that the tourist activity will increase after the end of the monsoon season.

The waterfall is especially visited by foreign tourists visiting Annapurna and internal tourists visiting Manang. Saroj Bishwakarma, a resident of Marsyangdi, said that tourists are attracted to Annapurna because of its scenic beauty. Tourists are reluctant to come because of the landslides. ” Hoteliers in the area are worried that they will not be able to earn any income as the waterfall is deserted at this time due to the crowd taking pictures in the background.

Even the octopus waterfall at Chamche in Marsyangdi-4 on the Annapurna Cycle Trail is becoming deserted due to lack of tourists. According to the locals, only 10-15 people reach the waterfall daily. As the waterfall falls in the middle of the Bensishahar-Chame road, it is used by the passengers for entertainment. The locals demand that the road to get there should be made easier. Tourist entrepreneur Panch Bahadur Gurung said that tourists would arrive in 12 months if such waterfalls were managed and managed.

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