March 27, 2023

Home Minister Bal Krishna Khan has instructed to give priority to the landless people and move ahead with the work. Stating that it is necessary to immediately distribute land to the landless to make the people the owners of the property, he urged the Land Commission and the district officials of the commission to work result-oriented work. He said that the first responsibility of the commission was to give ownership to the commission.

“On behalf of the government, we are ready to help all of you. You have to work,” said Minister Khan. He urged the heads of the municipalities to start their work by arranging land for the landless with the help of all as it is the first responsibility of any government office to assist the land commission.

Minister for Tourism, Rural and Urban Development of Lumbini, Dilli Bahadur Chaudhary, urged the officials of the commission to speed up the distribution of red cards and said that the state government was ready to help them. Stating that the process has been started for the distribution of red cards to the landless and squatters, he said that he would work in coordination with the commission.

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