March 27, 2023

Paddy sowing has started in Lekali area of ​​Himalayan district Myagdi after the onset of monsoon and early onset of rains. Paddy sowing has started in Malika, Mangala, Raghuganga, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Jamarukkot, Gauswara, Bimirabot, Tamane, Bhakimli, Pulachaur and Ghatan of Beni Municipality. We have been waiting for a few days to see if we can get fertilizer. We have started sowing without fertilizer till now. Narayan Sapkota of Municipality-2 Sanalekh said.

According to a local farmer, the sowing started only after the first week of Asar last year and the farmers have started sowing this year due to heavy rains. According to him, there is no fertilizer to put in the field, no manpower to work, even in such a situation, paddy has to be planted, farmers are worried that the production will decrease this year if fertilizer is not available. We have already cultivated the paddy and there is concern that the paddy crop will be similar to the maize crop, ”said Bhavilal Ghimire, a farmer in Pakhu.

According to him, the snails have not been able to get infected even once after applying maize crop. Similarly, farmers have said that there is a problem of agricultural laborers for transplanting. He said that the farmers were facing problems due to lack of manpower to work in the fields. Farmers are happy that paddy has been sown this year but are saddened by the lack of fertilizer and have demanded the government to provide fertilizer as soon as possible.

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