March 27, 2023

The units of Kumari Dhanvriddhi Yojana, which were expelled by Kumari Capital Limited from Thursday, June 26 to Thursday, have been distributed today (July 16, Friday). Capital had sold 120 million units at a face value of Rs 1.20 billion per unit. Out of which 15 percent of the total number of units i.e. 18 million units were secured to the fund promoter Kumari Bank and the remaining 102 million units were released to the public.

The size of the fund has been increased after more applications than demand. As per the provision in Article 15 (4) of the Collective Investment Fund Directive 2069 and in point 42 (d) of the prospectus, maximum 25 percent can be added as there are more applications than demand. Units have been distributed as per the demand of 139,093 applicants out of 139,139 applicants. The applications of 46 applicants for duplicate applications have been rejected.

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