March 27, 2023

Five works written by three writers have been unveiled today in Banepa, Kavrepalanchok. A collection of poems and a collection of poems that Lokman Maskey did not have in mind has been made public. Similarly, another writer, Maske, said that he had expressed his thoughts in a collection of poems. Author Korkali, on the other hand, discusses in his book how Dhritarashtra had to speak blindly in June when he was an administrator (in a time of violent conflict).

Korkali has published another collection of poems for children in June Mama by compiling 75 poems and a collection of poems on how children should walk on the path of truth and be content and do good deeds. Sapkota and his wife Saraswati Sapkota performed a duet of Mayapriti’s Pani Ghutukkai Bol. Similarly, Dilip Shrestha delivered a free speech. Prof. Dr. Poudyal and musician Bulu Mukharung expressed their views on the genre of literature. He informed that 179 literary books have been published so far and 172 personalities from different fields have been honored.

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