March 27, 2023

NPC Nepal has honored four Mercury Olympians with cash on Saturday. NPC Nepal has honored Mercury Olympians during the National Mercury Athletics Championship organized at the Armed Police Force Headquarters in Halchok on Saturday, said NPC Nepal Treasurer Omnath Siwakoti.

Among the Mercury Olympians to be honored are Nirmala Gyawali (Greece), Vikram Bahadur Rana (London-Brazil), Maiya Bishankhe (London) and Laxmi Kunwar (Brazil). NPC chairperson Radha Ghale honored them with a letter of appreciation and cash. According to Treasurer Siwakoti, 150 players participated in 21 different events in the one-day competition organized with the support of Bagmati Pradesh Sports Development Council. The third was awarded 500 cash prizes.

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