March 27, 2023

Public bodies should automatically publish the issues specified by law within three months,” said Chief Commissioner Gurung. The Commission has stated that it is going to publish a book to facilitate the information seekers. He said that preparations are being made to publish facilitation booklet for public bodies as well.

Former president of the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Taranath Dahal, who is active in the exercise of the right to information, said that the right to information would be a weapon to save democracy. He stressed on the need for pressure from the citizens to implement the right to information in a practical way.

He added that the organization is preparing to hold the National Convention by holding conventions in all 77 districts by next August. The federation is also involved in the campaign. Speakers at the program, including Tara Bahadur Bhandari, coordinator of the Federation of Consumers and FNJ Upatyaka Pradesh, stressed on the need for civic awareness for the promotion of the right to information.

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