March 27, 2023

Senior Nepali Congress leader Ram Chandra Poudel has said that a plan should be made to create employment and income in the village. Stating that the local level should focus on creating environment, Poudel said that people are fleeing the village due to lack of employment and income even though roads, education, health, drinking water and electricity are available in the village. That is why people have left the village and moved to the city. ” Senior leader Poudel said that the local level should come up with a plan to create employment opportunities in the village. He said that herbal and fruit industries could be set up in the village and the municipality should provide assistance for that.

He stressed that the local level should formulate its policies and programs targeting the rural areas rather than the urban areas. “If the land is left barren, the government will impose a fine. A person with no income cannot cultivate the land. By consolidating such land, the unemployed can be employed there,” he said. Poudel said that the dependence on food grains should be stopped by commercializing the traditional agriculture. Stating that all the wards and each class have different needs but there is an obligation to plan within the limits of the budget, he mentioned that the municipality will formulate policies and programs based on periodical plan and three-year plan.

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